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A graphic novel, inspired by the book of the same title by Phoebe Gardener. A study in Victorian lust & depravity by renowned illustrator Lynn Paula Russell.

To begin with, Kate Spicer's new job seems perfect for a young spinster with ambitions of matrimony: Governess to a young girl in the large country house of rich aristocrats. Appearances are deceptive, however: she is caught in a fast tightening net of sexual exploitation and physical humiliation at the hands of her ruthless employers. Kate realises that she must outwit the decadent Sir Bradley Fordham and his scheming wife Alice if she is not to be prostituted and sold as a sex slave. Not only must the young, innocent Governess survive the sexual advances of her employers, Sir Bradley and Lady Fordham, but also those of her young charge and pupil, Ellie.

Our heroine is forced to endure the amorous attentions of a whole cast of unforgettable characters: the 'visionary' Reverend Pike and his agressively lesbian wife who run a mysterious sect for local women called 'The Followers'; Molly, the unofficial leader of the 'Handmaidens', a troupe of compliant young girls culled from London's workhouses; the decadent Lord Barchester and his massively endowed deaf-mute manservant, Henri; and last but not least, Robert, the handsome brother of Lady Fordham.

Lynn Paula Russell

Erotic Review Books 2008

50 pages


297 x 210mm.

Original Publishers Price: £14.99

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