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DEVIANT DESIRES is a lavishly illustrated guide to the most fascinating and obscure outposts of the erotic frontier. Self-described pervert Katherine Gates takes us on an expedition into the latest sexual communities bursting forth at the beginning of the new millennium. Gone are the pretentious black-clad S/M posers and humourless fetish fashion victims - you'll meet the refreshingly funny and irreverent heroes and heroines of a do-it-yourself porn revolution.

Spurred on by the internet explosion, these deviants defy all expectations as they actively participate in creating their own erotic entertainment, forging new art, original literature and fluid sexual identities. Come grab a first peek as they radically subvert mass culture for their own nefarious sexual purposes. Nothing is sacred and anything can be sexualized, from Disney characters and B-movie monsters to baked beans, children's birthday balloons and Thanksgiving dinner. You'll never watch TV the same way again!

Features: Ponygirls, Niche-kink Internet Communities, Balloon-popping Fetish, Fat Admirers & Feeders, Cartoon Animal Sex, Robots, Cyborgs & Future Sex, Messy Fun, Rampaging Giantesses, Bug-crushing Freaks, Body Inflation, AND HUNDREDS OF DEVIANTS, PERVERTS & WEIRDOS. EXCELLENT!

Katherine Gates, Juno Books, 246 pages, Softcover, 280 x 214mm.

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