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" The first time I tried on a latex dress, I couldn't stop feeling myself up. After being generously shined to a high gloss, the gorgeous red dress gleamed - and so did I. It clung to my body in a way that let me see my curves anew, and any extra flesh I'd lamented suddenly became more fodder for this voluptuous material to caress. it was way better than being naked. I felt divine, trapped inside this sleek, erotic cave. I never wanted to get out..." - Rachel Kramer Bussel, from the Introduction.

Powerful dommes in catsuits, luscious women in latex, hunky men showing off every straining inch in tight PVC... In Rubber Sex, Rachel Kramer Bussel showcases a world where skin gets slipped on tightly, then polished, stroked, and caressed - while the bodies inside heat up with lust. Find out why rubber adds an irresistible frisson to any erotic adventure.

" An inspiring array of dirty stories. From one story to the next, you are free to luxuriate in the embrace of shiny rubber, in fetish fantasies that will make you weak in the knees." - Christine Kessler, author of Pervy Girls: Erotic Fashion Photography.

Ed: Rachel Kramer Bussel, Cleis Press, 182 pages, Softcover, 203 x 140mm.

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